Anonymous asked: I would love it if you could draw a cutie Crystal Maiden and Omniknight together? aaaaaaah :3



Zero to Hero by Callegos Yavolitak, The Winglet, and MrEtmer

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"I hope she notices me now!"

vtrvtrn asked: Реквесты? Ммм... Нарисуй Харуку, пристающую к Усаги >:3



memq-art asked: если вам не трудно нарисуйте Лешего пожалуйста) Мне так понравился рисунок с Маруной (девушка-дерево) что думаю у вас также хорошо выйдет и сам Леший))



I guess he has reason to be angry at me. Long time no see, Unlucky

On the occasion of beating my laziness, maybe you guys would like to give me few requests? Not promise to take all, but some of them. I need to get back in form.
Thank you <3

vtrvtrn asked: Вот да, я тоже скучаю по твоим рисункам! :3

Ащащащщщ *смутился* :’3

memq-art said: побольше бы вы рисовали бы. я тут соскучилась по вашему творчеству

Оу. Это несколько неожиданно, но спасибо. Я попытаюсь

Unidentified Spirit

I don’t really know how watercolor works. Why did I even try

redovche asked: Surprise!! Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers ;3

Oh, hi! Okay then~
- I love to drink much tea and coffee, and make them hot as hell, because I feel cold often.
- I love computer games, but I’m not a good player. Honestly, If it’s possible to fail in the game, I’ll do it.
- I have really bad memory.
- I don’t have any friends IRL.
- I do almost everything with music - like when I’m drawing, or playing games alone. That’s much more pleasant than be in silence.